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The benefits of reading to your children are well documented. While it’s a good idea to do many other things to enhance your child’s education, reading is a simple yet effective way to boost brainpower while bonding with your child. Here are just a few of the many benefits.

  • Reading to children increases their vocabularies. A recent study of eight month olds conducted by the Child Development Center at Rhode Island Hospital showed that the ones whose parents read to them frequently understood far more words than children who were not read to as often.
  • Language, speech and communication skills improve when children are exposed to books. By reading to your children, you will be helping them learn to speak correctly. In addition, you will be improving Sylvan Learning Readingtheir mastery of the language, and teaching them different ways to communicate.
  • Another benefit of reading to your children is the relationship you will build with them. Young children love to snuggle up for a bedtime story, but even older children benefit from reading time with mom and dad. In today’s hectic world, reading together can be a special time, an oasis that allows you to share a meaningful experience.
  • Students whose parents read to them tend to be academically advanced. Several domestic and international studies, including an article published by the British Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, found that children who are read to before preschool have a better chance of performing at above average levels throughout their school careers. This is because reading helps children to master other skills too, like logic and empathy.
  • A love of books is one of the benefits of reading to your children that has lifelong implications. People who love to read will continue learning throughout their lives, and this will enrich their world and make them more interesting people. Teaching your children that books are wonderful and reading is fun is one of the best gifts you can give them.

While the benefits of reading to your children are obvious, what is less obvious is the best way to make sure they get off to a strong start.

If you are unsure as to how your child is doing or you want to be certain they are well prepared for JK/SK or Grade 1 then you should consider some outside help. A library might be a good place to start or you can ask at your child’s school or daycare.

The Education Directors at your local Sylvan Learning Centres in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga have a great deal of expert knowledge and experience as well as access to a lot of useful FREE online resources.

For children who do seem to be struggling and need a little bit of extra attention Sylvan Learning offers a Beginning Reading program as well as a Handwriting Course to teach a young child how to hold a pencil and to how form letters carefully and confidently.

If you are interested in improving your child’s reading level at any age or grade or are looking for a reading, writing or math program then give your local Sylvan Learning Centre a call today.

Sylvan LearningDesmond Jordan is the executive director of the Sylvan Learning Centres in Mississauga, Halton and Hamilton. Offering more than just tutoring, Sylvan Learning creates individualized education programs for students of all ages and ability levels from Grade 1 to Grade 12. With proven analytical and teaching processes, Sylvan’s staff of both full- time and part time-staff are Ontario Certified Teachers are able to identify and deliver the exact academic lessons and concepts that your child needs to fulfill their potential in all the core subjects.

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