Why your child needs to see a Chiropractor

Too often we bump into parents that tell us: “Why does my child need to see a Chiropractor? They haven’t had any real trauma; they’ve only had a few falls here and there. They feel great and look perfectly fine to me.” Before we became Chiropractors, we also had the same mindset. We believed just because a child had experienced “minor” falls while learning to walk, they were still healthy. We believed just because a child had no pain, this meant they were healthy. We also believed that a baby who survived the battle from the womb into the world whether by C-section, forceps, vacuum or even a “natural” vaginal birth, was born healthy. It wasn’t until we became Chiropractors that we learned all of these beliefs were absolutely wrong and putting children’s lives at risk.

When a baby is being delivered, an average of 60 to 90 lbs of force is placed on a child’s neck during a “normal” delivery. A lot of parents aren’t aware how devastating this is to their child’s spine and nervous system. The nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in the body. For your lungs to breathe, your heart to beat and even a simple cut on your arm to heal, your nervous system must be functioning optimally to ensure all the signals from the brain can travel to the rest of the body. If there is any shift in the spine, this puts a dangerous amount of pressure on the spinal cord, decreasing the nerve flow to surrounding organs. The problem lies in that when these shifts happen, whether that be a result of the birth process, learning to walk or other “minor” accidents, children rarely express any visible symptoms. This leads parents to falsely believe that their children are “healthy” when in fact their nervous system has already been compromised. Pain and other warning signals tend to show up months and possibly years later when the damage is even worse. That is why it is important to have your child’s spine checked now to ensure their spine is developing properly so that they are able to function, heal and repair optimally.

We live in a society where children as young as six years old are being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. We have witnessed this and as Aunts and Chiropractors, this breaks our hearts. Cancer and Heart disease are also increasing at an alarming rate with the intake of drugs and medications being higher than ever. There is something very wrong with this all-too-familiar picture of health. In order to change the course of our children’s future, we need to make the right choices now. When parents ask us: “Why does my child need to see a Chiropractor?” We tell them it is because we want their children to be able to express their full potential for health. We tell them that we want their children to be able to carry out the dreams and goals they were designed to achieve. We tell them that we want their children to thrive and be able to live their life fully alive.

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