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Keep up with today’s fast-paced world by using technology to educate your children!

Sylvan Learning

In today’s world, technology is constantly improving. With these changes in technology, the world and the way we live our lives is constantly changing as well. The need to understand complex technology such as computers and mobile devices is becoming more and more critical every day. This is why it is important to get students interacting with technology from a young age. If the world is changing due to technological improvements, then why hasn’t the education system followed suit?

Sylvan Learning Centre is a leader in the private education industry. They are continuously improving their programs to adapt to today’s fast-paced world. Sylvan updates their programs to meet the current needs of the student population. This is why Sylvan Learning has begun using iPads for instruction in some of their more common programs. By using this up to date technology to educate, Sylvan Learning captures the interest of tech-savvy students. Sylvan Learning knows that the more interested a child is in learning, the more likely the student will be successful at attaining the knowledge in question.

Sylvan TutorOne of the more common problems involved with student learning is lack of engagement. If a student is not engaged in the classroom, their grades will reflect that. Most of the time if the student is not engaged it is due to a problem with the teacher’s teaching style, not with the student. A teacher must adapt their teaching style to meet the needs of every student in the class. By offering students a chance to work with a tablet, Sylvan is able to connect with and engage students. Also, many students may not have access to a computer or a mobile device at home. Thus, Sylvan Learning Centre can give them a chance to immerse themselves in today’s technology despite any socio-economic differences between students.

Sylvan Learning has also released a network of educational apps called the SylvanPlay network. There currently 8 educational apps aimed at students in grades 1-4 but the network is continuously expanding. Soon the network will have content suitable for students in grades 5 and 6 as well. The network is available for Android and Apple operating systems and is free for Sylvan customers. Stay on top of this changing world and use the best resources at your disposal with Sylvan Learning Centre!

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Sylvan Learning

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