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You can enrol in Future Girls Soccer’s summer house league programs now!

future girls 2Starting on January 1st, you will be able to enrol your child in Future Girls Soccer’s 2017 summer house league programs. The leagues are open to girls aged 4 to 14 and are Ontario’s only “player-first, parent-friendly” all girls development house leagues. The house league programs begin running in May and run until the end of August.

As is the case with all of Future Girls Soccer’s programs, the organization’s house league programs focus on optimizing the skill potential of the female player no matter her level. Future Girls instructors give players the confidence that they need to excel in any situation that they may encounter both on and off the field.

Future Girls Soccer makes sure that all players have fun, all while they develop new soccer skills with the proper training and techniques that will give them the foundation to keep playing forever. Not only that, but players are also nurtured in essential life values like teamwork, discipline, respect and work ethic. By enrolling in Future Girls Soccer’s house league programs, girls are given the opportunity to be the strongest version of herself that she can be.

Future Girls Soccer’s coaching staff is made up of highly certified female coaches and junior mentor coaches who have or currently are playing at very high levels of the game.

Each house league session contains 30 minutes of skill development led by certified female coaches. Following that, they then engage in 30 minutes of team play.

All ages play on one weeknight. That means that if parents have more than one girl enrolled in a house league program, they would not have to drive them on different nights throughout the week. Moreover, weekends and stat holidays are always soccer free and there is a 10 day summer break so that vacations can happen and money isn’t wasted on missed soccer sessions.

Contact Future Girls Soccer today with any questions that you may have! They strive to provide the best customer service in the soccer industry by responding to all requests within eight hours.