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What a summer it has been for Pakmen Volleyball! Hundreds of children throughout the GTA attended our summer camps, and dozens of Pakmen players competed in the Ontario Volleyball Association’s Summer Tour. With September nearing, the end of summer is bittersweet. Our camps are coming to a close, yes, but there is little to be sad about as our indoor programs are back for the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons!

PAKMEN KIDSOur indoor programs are designed to give children something to look forward to beyond the hustle and bustle of school! The programs give children an opportunity to get involved in sports while growing in a team environment. Through our programs, parents can be assured that their children are staying healthy and keeping fit while having fun.

According to Statistics Canada, 29% of adolescents in 2007 were overweight. Pakmen Volleyball is a firm believe that children should stay active when they are young, and in turn lead healthy lifestyles as adults. Pakmen provides a platform for children to be active while having a blast! Pakmen has created a line of programs that cater to each age group and skill level. With our programs, children can be sure that they will have a great time while getting better at volleyball.

Pakmen Volleyball offers a number of programs for children of all ages and skill levels. Pakmen coaches are former players who have played for the college and university teams. In fact, many have even played for the Canadian National Team! But of course, they were once beginners in the sport and understand what it takes to motivate children and keep them engaged and committed to improving!

PakmenPakmen Volleyball offers a cost effective way to keep kids engaged in a healthy lifestyle, while having fun with friends and peers. Children will quickly fall in love with their new favourite sport.

Are you ready to productively spend your free time? Here’s how you can this fall:


This introductory volleyball program was created for boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 13. Children will learn the fundamentals of volleyball through one-hour sessions, occurring each week. Spikes harbors a supportive, non-competitive environment where children can have fun while learning and getting better volleyball! This program is the best choice for young athletes looking to get involved in a new sport. The program is ten weeks long and everyone plays equally. No previous experience is necessary! Each participant will receive an official Spikes t-shirt.

Technique Tutoring

PAKMENDo you work better in small groups? Are you keen on developing your individual skills?

If so, technique tutoring is the way to go. This volleyball training program is designed for athletes that are at a beginner or intermediate skill level. Suitable for athletes from grades 6 to 12, this program will take athletes to the next level by providing high level instruction through low player to coach ratios and an increased level of attention being paid to individual skills and techniques. Consistent repetitions of the fundamentals, and continuous feedback will contribute to a more well rounded volleyball player by the end of this program. This training program is limited to four volleyball players per coach and each sessions is one hour. Every player will receive an official Pakmen t-shirt.

Private Lessons

Pakmen’s most senior rep coaches will be conducting our Private lessons. Lessons are 1 on 1 (you can bring a friend for no extra charge if you wish) and are 1 hour in length. A typical session will include 20 minutes of warm up, including serving, passing and volleying. For the remaining 40 minutes, the focus will be on whatever skills the athlete wishes to work on. This could include footwork for middle players, setting practice for setters, improving serving accuracy etc.


Spikes Mississauga Volleyball by PakmenBallKids is a new program that will be offered this coming fall for children between the ages of 4 and 6. BallKids is a multi-sport program designed to introduce children to the fundamental concepts and skills behind popular ball sports including basketball, soccer, and of course, volleyball.

This program is designed to get children involved in sports! Pakmen is committed to providing a platform for children to get involved in sports early, so they can develop lifelong habits of being active and staying fit.

Through BallKids, children will have fun while being healthy. By playing sports in a supportive and non-competitive environment, children will fall in love with the fun of the sport without having to worry about winning or losing. And most importantly, they’ll have a blast!

The BallKids program focuses on the development of gross motor skills, along with strength, co-ordination, stamina, timing, and balance.

Pakmen Volleyball MississaugaArticle supplied by Pakmen Volleyball

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