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Pumpkinseed Publishing Inc. was established in May of 2006, since then evolving into Pumpkinseed Publishing Ltd. and currently operating and thriving as Pumpkinseed Media group under the direction of Melanie Heathers. Mississauga Kids Guides have been published for over 11 years, printed 3 times each year and distributed via Canada Post to over 122,000 homes in Mississauga.  In 2013 Oakville Kids Guides joined the Pumpkinseed Media family and in 2014 Burlington Kids Guides followed. In 2015 Milton Kids was created.   These new editions are delivered to over 51,000 homes in Oakville, over 50,000 homes in Burlington and 29,000 homes in Milton via Canada Post.

The printed guides, websites and social media connections are here to help you find what you need for the kids you love!

Where to Find Us:

Copies of the guides can be found in your Canada Post box in January, May and August.

We have several websites to help you find what you need for the kids you love!

Social Media:
Connect with us on one or more of our Social Media Platforms for the latest news!

How to Contact Us:

Use our contact form: here

The Team:

Melanie Heathers (Publisher)
An entrepreneur and a mom, Melanie Heathers became the new face of Mississauga Kids and Pumpkinseed Media Group in August 2012. As an entrepreneur who prides herself on her work ethic, Melanie has over ten years of experience and a strong reputation in the paper and print industry. While she knows what it takes to bring out a sleek magazine fresh off the press, she is equally aware of both the joys and the challenges of educating and entertaining kids. A mom to two, Melanie carries forward the vision of Mississauga Kids, Oakville Kids, Burlington Kids, Milton Kids and Pumpkinseed Media Group with pride and passion. She looks forward to bringing smiles to the faces of thousands of families in Halton and Peel Region. Melanie strives to connect local parents with local business by helping parents find the things they need for the kids they love!

Al Alarakhia (Designer)

Al studied Graphic Design at Sheridan College and also received an Honours Certificate in  Computer Graphics, a one year post-graduate program. He went on to teach  Multimedia and Presentation at Academy of Design to both industry professional and novices. Before joining Mississauga Kids in 2012, Al was working as a Media Consultant with some of the finest agencies and publications in North America. He coaches kids soccer and basketball in the Mississauga community. Armed with creativity and vision Al helps Mississauga Kids clients with their ad layouts, concepts, logo design and design of supplemental advertising materials.