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The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll” is the newest exhibit at The Ontario Science Centre. The exhibit explores how science revolutionized music through interactive presentations & activities all ages can enjoy. Make sure to check out the Mississauga Kids video preview above, and enter our contest for an amazing prize pack here.

Science of Rock n RollSee artefacts from your favourite rock bands while you explore how technology influenced the evolution of music. The exhibit also uncovers how our brains perceive, process and react to music. We also learn how instruments create sound, and how our storage and distribution of music has revolutionized the industry.

The Science of Rock 'N' RollThroughout the entire exhibit visitors have the opportunity for hands on learning. With guitars, pianos, drums, and even a karaoke room, everyone will have the chance to practice their musical abilities.  The exhibit also records you while you play, so you even have the chance to save and share your rockin’ video! 

Ontario Science Centre - Science RocksDon’t miss all the musical memorabilia as you leave the exhibit!

The Ontario Science Centre is located at 770 Don Mills Road in Toronto. For reservations or more information call(888) 696-1110.


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