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Tobogganing in Oakville has begun! The snow has fallen, our breath is in the air and the hills are slick and ready for tobogganing! Oakville has plenty of hills but not all of them are safe for tobogganing. At Oakville Kids we’re here to provide you with the information about which hills are safest, fastest and most fun in our great town.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, please look at our Mississauga tobogganing locations, click here.

Old Abbey Lane Park

Beside Abbey Lane Public School, this location features three hills without trees. After crossing the bridge over the stream there is a bigger hill on the north side of the park. The two smaller hills are west of the playground. The hills are a great size for little and big kids! There is parking available on the street.

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Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Bronte Creek has a massive double sided hill that kids can trundle up and down all day. The provincial park requires that buy a day pass for $16, which is well worth it for the fun. Bronte Creek also has a skating rink available (weather permitting). Tobogganing in Oakville is plenty of fun and there are always new friends to be made on the hills.

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Appleby College is another great spot. Kids have been using the hill for over forty years for sledding. This huge hill is on the grounds of the private school right on the shores of Lake Ontario. Hill is open to public use.

The corner of Oxford Avenue and Upper Middle offers a small hill great for little kids (they can walk up themselves) and the southwest corner of Trafalagar Road and McCraney Street W has some steeper hills for bigger kids.

There is one more hill in Oakville for tobogganing at Riverview Park in Bronte, just north of Lakeshore Road. Unfortunately this hill isn’t safe because there is a creek at the bottom of it, the creek must be frozen in order for the hill to be used. But the hill is perfect for kiddies. And there is little parking available.

Always use caution when tobogganing.  Do so at your own risk and having kids wear a helmet is an option, especially on steeper hills with fast sleds!