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As the school year begins, parents are busy trying to decide just which after school activities will be the best fit for their children. With the recent popularity of many dance focused television shows, dancing lessons are a natural choice for many Oakville Kids and children everywhere!

Dance classes, whether they are in classical ballet, jazz, tap or hip hop, offer children the opportunity to grow both physically and creatively! When taught properly, students develop strength, flexibility, poise and grace. An Grace Academy Studio of Danceappreciation of music is encouraged and the mind is challenged as they learn new steps and techniques. Enrolling a child in dance will also help them to develop a sense of discipline and hard work that will carry over into their school work. Dance allows children to develop a strong sense of self worth and confidence. Through performances and examinations, children are encouraged to do their best and to be proud of who they are and what they have accomplished.

Non –competitive dance programs in particular, also teach children to appreciate and learn from what others have to offer. While they do encourage dancers to strive for excellence in themselves, they also teach them to see it in others – to value the work of other dancers and to use it as an inspiration. In a busy world where so much of our lives is competition based, non-competitive dance programs allow children to be free to learn and grow without always having to win a trophy. A sense of co-operation and community is developed, that will not only help them to grow as young artists, it will serve them well in all areas of their life.

Keeping our children active and healthy is extremely important – dance allows us to do this – while providing a fun and exciting creative outlet!

What will dance do for your child?

  • encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle
  • develop a keen appreciation of many styles of music
  • challenge their mind and encourage quick thinking
  • develop a sense of hard work and discipline
  • encourage creativity
  • help them to value and learn from the talents that others have to offer

By: Heidi Knapp

Heidi Knapp is the Academy Director at Grace Academy of Dance and Performing Arts. She is a Fellow and Examiner with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. With 20 years teaching experience, Heidi holds qualifications  in Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre Dance and Tap, as well as intermediate training in National Dance and a B.A. degree in Drama with a specialization in Stage Management.

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